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Valued Customers,


First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our valued Customers. Scotts Gunsmithing has been fortunate to have an amazing group of Friends and Customers that grace our Establishment and make it a great place to call Home. Thank you all!


Our Customers needs are EXTREMELY important to us, and our shops Repair and Custom Service reputation been extremely positive over the 18 years we have been at our location. Every year brings increased demand for our Gunsmithing Services, and we are very gracious for it, BUT...

With this success comes a problem, Backlogs! We are now forced to give an 8-16 week Backlog for most Repairs and Custom Work unless specified otherwise. It doesn’t mean every job will take this long, and well strive to get your Firearm completed in a timely manner. If a Customers Firearm is completed expeditiously then they will be ever more satisfied. Our Backlog tends to be quite short for certain jobs such as: Sight Installs (Ones that do NOT require MILLING), Optics Mounting & Bore-Sighting, Safety Checks & Headspace Tests, Minor AR & AK Accessory Installs, and Clean and Test Jobs.

Please understand that we will strive to meet our Customers special needs. If you only have one Firearm for Concealed Carry or for Home Defense & Protection we will try to rush the job so you aren’t left without a Firearm. If you have a Hunting or Competition Firearm that you need for a Special Event or Competition or possibly a Hunt, we will do our best to make the Firearm ready if given reasonable notice. Sometimes we can fix something with the Parts we have on hand but often it requires us to order something, so remember just because we can rush the job doesn’t mean we can get the required Parts when needed, but we WILL do everything we can to get you up and running.
We treat EVERY firearm in the shop with the utmost care and importance, and they are cared for like they are our own personal Firearms. Our return rate for Serviced Firearms is less than 1/4th of ONE percent. We would prefer it to be 0% but no one is perfect, even though we try.
When you leave your Firearm with us, they are completely insured and safe.
Unless they are being Serviced or Tested, they are locked up in a cage. No one touches, disassembles, shoots, or handles ANY Customer Firearms except the Sales Associate who BOOKS the Firearm and the Master Gunsmiths Scott and Chad who Service them.
We will be fair and honest with you; we won’t slam you with any unreasonable Labor or Parts fees. All we ask is that you too be honest with us. If your Firearm has been messed with previously, please, just tell us. If we have to find out the hard way that the Firearm has been previously tinkered with then the Labor Rate will likely increase, as it takes more time to discover and fix other peoples mistakes & damage. If you tell us ahead of time we will likely give you a more budget minded Labor Rate knowing what we are getting into beforehand. If we quote you a price, it won’t exceed it. If it does turn into a more expensive job, we will stop the job and call you for an approval to proceed. Remember it’s impossible to know exactly what’s wrong with a Firearm by just looking at it externally, how long every job will take, and know what’s wrong before we get into the job.



We won’t tell you we are an expert on EVERY Firearm, and we aren’t either. If we don’t know something we will tell you, and well find a way to resolve your problem, because that’s our job. Remember, if a Gunsmith says he knows every type of Firearm, flags should immediately go up. Just because we can’t tell you the history of every Firearm that comes into our shop doesn’t mean we can’t fix it.
Our Service Center at any given moment has about 200 Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns in for Repair or Custom Work. Some are simple jobs or repairs and some are full custom builds or projects.

Currently 90% of the Gunsmith work falls on Scott. Our other Gunsmith Chad is only available on a limited basis. If you have a preference for a particular Gunsmith you won’t hurt our feelings just ask for that Gunsmith to perform the work and you will receive. We are not out to rip you off to make a buck. He will happily lose money to make a Customer satisfied, and we often do. We often put way more time into a Firearm than we can fairly bill a Customer for, and we eat that time consistently. The important thing is that we make enough money to keep our door open and keep our Valued Customers happy.


Some of our Customers will not drop off a Firearm for Service unless they can talk to the Gunsmith at the moment they bring it in the shop. While we appreciate the desire to talk and discuss your project, talking with a Gunsmith is often not possible. Customersthat require Repair or Custom Work can drop it off during ANY of the Shops regular Operating Hours. You don’t have to see a Gunsmith to get the work you desire. All you have to do is give the Sales Associate a summary of what you want done, say you want “Scott” to do the work, and leave it at that. If you do need to speak to a Gunsmith we will do our best to arrange a meet up when the time approaches for the Gunsmith to get into your Firearm.

If our Gunsmiths don’t get to see you Face to Face, please understand that we will personally call or email the Customer to get every detail to ensure they are getting EXACTLY what is expected. Our Gunsmiths enjoy talking to customers in person, but we will call when that option is not possible. Here is what our Gunsmiths often experience; A Customer won’t drop off a Firearm unless they can chat with the Gunsmith, they want a particular Gunsmith and they wait several weeks, sometimes months, to arrange a meet and greet time at the shop, and then the Service Wait begins at that point. If the Customer had brought the work in when they initially decided to have our Shop perform the work, their wait would be cut in half by the time they could meet up with the Gunsmith. Hint-Hint.
Overall we want to let people know that we are not blowing them off and we want to accommodate everyone, but our availability is limited.
Since we are so thorough we tend to take a little longer to get our work
Here are some of the common issues that may cause delays in our repair
estimates and backlog:

-Parts and tooling supply issues.
-If were busy at the gun counter we have to leave the bench to come help
customers up front. The sooner the Gunsmith can finish helping a Customer at the counter the sooner they can get more Firearms serviced.
-If a customer has a special need or wants to discuss their job with us we have to stop and go give the customer the attention they require.
-Every phone call our Gunsmiths receive is important, but they impede the flow of repairs.
-Problems with Customer provided Parts, which could be the wrong one, or the Parts supplied are inferior and will not work.
-In some cases Parts we order get damaged, and sometimes we make mistakes and have to replace them.
-In some cases Parts are out of specification or the wrong Part shows up, and the list goes on...
Each one of these incidents pushes every gun behind it deeper into the Backlog, it’s just the nature of the Business were in. Rest assured we stand behind EVERYTHING we Service so if we Service your Firearm and it breaks within a reasonable amount of time or usage we will fix it on our dime/time. Please don’t think talking to us or calling is a burden, it is NOT. I’m just explaining the method to the "madness".
We live in a high speed world, and people are not used to waiting for things
anymore. Truth is we can’t do quality work at a lightning pace. If you can’t
wait our expected Backlog time then perhaps our shop is NOT for you.
If you can, do us a favor when choosing a Gunsmith. Think about this, do you really want a Gunsmith that has no backlog, or work to be servicing your Firearms? They aren’t busy for a reason. This applies to any Gunsmith, even if you don’t plan to use our Shop, think about that before committing to a person to do your work.

We don’t want to turn anyone away but we are forthcoming as to why our delay is what it is.

We will do whatever we can for our Customers, we only ask one thing. Be patient with us when we are servicing your Firearms. If your repair takes a while to get completed it is not because we don’t care, it because we DO care and want to do it right.




Robert Scharf


President & Master Gunsmith, Scott's Gunsmithing Services



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